Being Present During COVID-19

I am the Vine
“I am the vine, you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5 NIV)


As I was walking, I paused and remained still and looked in awe at this tree.   It is majestic and made me think about this verse (John 15:5).   The tree is strong, grounded, and feeds and nourishes the branches. This is so symbolic during this unprecedented time in our history. COVID-19 has taken the world by storm, and has spread at a rate that we have never seen.   In these times, so much is beyond our control.   The grounding comes from the Spiritual Guide in this amazing universe.   Good will shine through, and we will be nourished.

At this time we must not lean on our own understanding and give into fear, we must rest our minds and live in the present moment.  Ask yourself what you can see, smell, touch, hear – this may help to ground you in the present moment. Lets slow down our thoughts, and ground ourselves to “what is” not “what if”.

You may be asking yourself how do I do this with what is happening? I want to stay informed how do I achieve balance?

Balance can be achieved by focusing on what you can control vs what you cannot control.

  • Do your part
  • Protect yourself by taking appropriate measures as suggested by the media
  • Limit how much you engage in media posts on COVID-19 (this can be overwhelming if it becomes the majority of your day)
  • Develop a schedule for your day to day so you can focus on what you can control
  • Make sure you include mental, physical, and spiritual wellness this may look different for each person
    • Examples include yoga, meditation, online cooking classes, team work using MSTEAMS, walks outside where you can engage appropriate social distancing
  • Ask yourself each day what brought you joy out of the day (even if it is one small example)
  • Start a gratitude journal at the beginning and end of the day (this will help to set your mind for the day and then close the day off with positivity)
  • Remember habits take time so reinforce the small steps

In this time while it may seem bleak as we witness the spread, I choose to focus on what I can control and these are the things I know:

  • I am loved and strong.
  • I am safe, fortunate and grounded in the now
  • This event is bringing us all together in the world
  • Love for one another is radiating stronger during this time
  • I can still give to others from a distance and help those in need
  • I can pray and send good energy to those that are struggling and be emotional support where I can.
  • I have moments of joy every day, they are right in front of me – family/friends/love

Sending good vibes and energy to all those who have read this today. How do you stay grounded in these times? Remember by sharing it may help others.

The Awakening

Have you ever paused for a moment and really took in the wonder of this life ? This life has so much abundance to offer us.

For most of my life , I had difficulty quieting my mind . I really can’t pin point what the trigger was to cause my overactive mind to “pause”. I think it was a series of challenges and opportunities that really caused me to reflect, realize so much is out of my control. It is often how I chose to respond that makes the difference. Through some of this I began to learn how to pause .

Peace is found when one and can immerse themselves in the present moment and take in all that it has to offer without judgement, expectation, and then truly allow wonder to flood in.

Now being in my 40s I feel like I am seeing the grand elements of this life for the first time . It’s not that I didn’t see these things before , but now it seems like I am more aware of the texture and brightness that stands before me. I am acutely aware of how precious each moment truly is . I’m human yes , and with that when I’m tired , my thoughts wander more and are especially difficult to pause still . But awareness of that is key.

Each moment is so precious whether it is good or bad . Often in the most heavy moments Joy follows or is not that far behind . I needed to be broken to fully heal, I needed to go through heartache to completely know love , I needed chaos to know stillness , I needed pain to really know joy . My gratitude comes from the experiences and all that they have offered me. I am still learning love and how to live love for myself .

Self-love is so foundational yet many never discover it. I am on the journey to discover and immerse myself in love for self and all that it offers. Some of the steps along the way involve forgiveness and letting go – these are the pieces of the puzzle that will allow it to be whole again . This is all part of the awakening within.

My wish for those that are reading this today is to know how valuable you are. You are here for a reason and a season, so really live ! The key is to realize how beautifully and wonderfully made you are so that you can truly live in the moment, awaken, and experience all that this life has to offer .

May you be blessed,

Luv Ness

From Broken to Beautiful

She smiles as she glances at the ones she loves.  She has been so blessed with abundance in the love that surrounds her.   She reminds herself that there is so much greatness around her even though behind the smile she feels pain.    The pain is deep, numbness inside.   She so badly wants to heal from the hurt and realizes that it needs to begin within.

She is a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend.   She is strength, weakness, pain, joy and love.

Busy has always been her middle name.  The busy doesn’t let in peace.  She does for others and often overextends.  She loves how it feels to observe happiness in others from her actions.  But this happiness is short-lived, instant, and not long lasting.

She is broken but beautiful.   She realizes that healing comes from smoothing out the broken. This realization happens when stillness is forced.

We all have a story, a journey to overcome and come through.   Her story is no different and the joy will come from healing and letting go.  Forgiveness… to forgive within.  To love ones’ self fully.   Melding of brokenness and beautiful in harmony together.  She allows the metamorphosis to begin…


My Grown Up Christmas List

What is your Grown Up Christmas List?

My grown up Christmas List has shifted as I age.    Being in my 40s offers a different perspective, I have seen many firsts and lasts… Moments that had good and bad that taken my breath away.    What I have learned is that life is its not good or bad – it is being comfortable in both opposites at the same time.   

Often the moments that take your away your breath also offer the breath of life.   

September this year was one of those months that while my heart was broken, it was restored at the same time.    We lost someone very close to us.  That someone knew how to make me laugh, how to get me going and losing him broke me into pieces at the same time made me stronger.    That someone was my father in law.  Nothing prepares you when you lose someone so very close to you.    The moments before he left his physical form offered so much love.   I remember sitting beside him and massaging his feet, and telling him how much I love him and will miss him.   He asked me to come close to him so he could tell me something in my ear, and in that moment my heart was breaking because I knew the moments to follow would be me letting go of him.  He whispered to me the words of love and thankfulness.  Those words brought tears to my eyes, and at the same time I just wanted to hold on and not let go.   We never really know when the end may come.  That is why when we are here, we have to embrace all that is in the NOW. 

My grown up Christmas is really a wish for all of you reading this today to really embrace the NOW.   

  • Live in the moment and get comfortable with pain and joy.  Joy lifts us up in  the moments where we feel pain.  In the moment where I said good bye, I had the memories of joy that came from time with the ones I love.
  • Offer a hand to help or a smile when you feel like you can’t.   Remember that all that you give out comes right back to you.  How ever hard it may be to muster up the strength to do this , it will help to lift you up as well.
  • Recognize all we have is right now, try to immerse yourself in what is happening right now and remember that the past is over, and the future we have no control over.
  • Take time in your day to do something small or large for someone you don’t know.   In life these little things can mean big things to others, and the more we can show love to one another, contributes to growing love around us in this world where we are exposed to pain every day.  It brings HOPE.
  • We are human, it is often very hard to remove judgement, but remember, we never know what others are experiencing in their lives…. And for that reason try to give grace whenever you can.

Love is really what makes this world go around, don’t take for granted a single moment in showing love to one another.   We never know when the last time may come.

My grown up Christmas list is very simple, take every moment to love.  May you have many blessings over your Christmas.

Luv Ness




The Moments

As she glances out the window, she admires and takes in the view.    

Laughter, smiles, bliss, taking it all in – living in the moment.

This moment is what matters.

The boys in her life help her feel full.   Its like eating a fresh baked pie.  Each bite tastes so wonderful so blissful, with each bite she feels full and content.

This moment is what matters.

Time flies.  They tell you time flies when you are younger and you ask yourself – “What do they know?”.  The words touch her heart now, she realizes that the years pass in a matter of minutes.   They were right .   She realizes that this is something learned through experiences as she looks back.

This moment matters.    

She takes in the smells of their rooms when they are sleeping at night.  The smells remind her of the times when she rocked them to sleep, reminds her of the blissful feeling of love in those moments.   As she glances at their faces she is full of so much love in this wonderful life.    A sense of peace overcomes her as she gives gratitude to the moment and the beautiful view.

This moment matters.

The babies grow into young men, and she begins to see that they are becoming so much more than she could ever imagine.   Viewing the world through their eyes, helping them navigate through the rough and smooth – she feels so blessed for them to call her mom.

This moment matters.

More than she could ever imagine – the great gifts in this life are the ones you love and living in every moment.   

This moment matters.

Walking hand in hand in this life with her best friend. Her best friend was an angel sent from above.   Then the blessings she has been given are beyond her wildest dreams.   She gives thanks.   The gift of life –  her two sons – the greatest gifts of all.  Love so deep.        

This moment matters.

The joy experienced in this life always overcomes the sadness.  There are storms in this life but it is through strength and love that shelters us from the rain.   The sun always shines, and she has seen it happen so many times the rainbows that come after the storm.   

This moment matters.

She looks out the window and gives thanks and gratitude to  it all.  She knows He is the source of all of the good.         

This moment matters.

Miracles happen every day….


A vehicle hits black ice, 4 roll in a vehicle 5 times, one without a seat belt – they remain untouched.

A diagnosis of stage 4 cancer, told he would not survive – he beats all odds.

They are taken from her in 6 months, two die suddenly before their eyes.  But He tells her “when one life is taken another is given”.   1 year later a miracle is born.

A diagnosis of breast cancer – she concurs it .

A diagnosis of cancer – stage 4, he beats it.

Broken neck – she walks away but with a new perspective

A family almost broken apart, they are rescued, and rise beyond the pain.

This is their story.    Their story is no different from the rest.  Everyone has a story, unique where broken exists.  Each is asked to rest in His yolk.   

Keep your eyes on me.

She gathers her thoughts and stares at the sky she ponders the “why”.   But what she has realized, is that sometimes she can’t see the why.  The why is revealed in His time and often shines like the sun in the sky.

Keep your eyes on me.

There is a light that shines in the dark.   The light is what we need to embrace.

Keep your eyes on me.  

It’s the light that emerges in these moments that snuffs out all darkness.   We were not promised a life without pain.   However, in the pain is where we discover the most joy.    It’s in the brokenness that love emerges.

  • A new baby is born.
  • Love shines its brilliant light.
  • A rainbow after the rain.
  • People support and love one another.
  • The strength of many emerges.

Miracles do happen, they happen in the big and the small.     It is taking the time in this life to really focus on the joy, love, and laughter that makes all the difference.   To take stock of every second and shower it with love.

Keep your eyes on me. I AM I AM.

Be anxious in nothing at all….

Put your trust in Me…..

I will uphold you with my righteous hand…..

I am close to the brokenhearted…..

I have plans to prosper you…..

I AM with you in the darkest valley……

I offer you perfect love….

The unexplained exists in miracles that come from I AM.   We may not know the why.  But in the moments where we feel we can’t hold on, if we trust in Him, He will guide and lift us up.    He carries us.

It is Together with our love for one another we can remain strong.

It is in our togetherness that we snuff out the darkness and the light shines.   Let Him carry us through the valley of darkness, and guide us back to love.

Keep your eyes on me. 

Thank-you God for being there for me in the darkness and shining the light.











Pressing Pause

It’s been a while since I have written.   I do think part of that comes from fear.  Fear that I have nothing to write about as I am on a journey of rediscovery.  Pressing pause and slowly discovering who I am, what drives me, and what values do I navigate my decisions.   Perhaps this is all part of as I enter my 40s, having clear boundaries and making the best use of my time.  I have an analytical mind, I have decided that by pausing my thoughts and quieting the inner voice more energy begins to emerge.  There have been moments where I feel like God’s gentle hand is suggesting that I put pen to paper, so here it goes.

We all are here on this earth for a specific purpose, and all have a journey to share.  Each journey is unique on its own.    Some evolve, some stay constant, and some regress.    It is not for us to judge but to simply watch from a distance.

The chronological path had phases, and each phase was unique on its own.    As I enter my 40s, there is so much I wish I could go back and share with my younger self.    But we can’t go backward in time we can only move forward.    I feel like in my late 30s early 40s the focus is more about my values and the love that I share with those who are closest to me.  Space and time is so precious and it is figuring out how to use the space and time that is the tricky balance.     My husband is so important to me and amidst the craziness, I need to make  that relationship number one.   The time with our children too is precious making sure they hear and learn the things we want them to so that they are set up for success when they leave us.   Our parents, finding and making time to be with them is important because they aging and time is not pausing for any of us.  And then in all of this, having relationships that are unconditional in nature, being around people that share similar values in their lives.  Values that center around family, love and kindness.

Time is like Gold, it is so precious, and how you use it makes all the difference.  I have not figured everything out, I am learning as I walk on this path.  What I do know, is that I deserve abundance and by quieting the voice inside my head, trusting the path is how it is supp0se to be, and focusing on the ones I love – I know that I am walking in the right direction.

I do wholeheartedly wish time would pause, but maybe it is taking the time to pause and reflect when you are in the moment that makes all the difference.