The Power of Choice


Perspective…. It can be everything to us can’t it be?   Past experiences often influence our response and trigger feelings within.     The only thing we have control of in this life is how we choose to respond to the moments.    Sometimes we may not feel like we have control, but that is not the case, there is always a choice.

I have had moments in my life that have taken my breath away, moments that have torn me inside out from the core, and moments that leave me numb.   We all have those moments.

It is in those moments where the something powerful emerges – the POWER TO CHOOSE.      As I look back in my life, the moments I have experienced, that have been allowed to happen in my life, have always turned out for good.

But it doesn’t always end up that way for us all because there are usually two paths.

One path is driven by fear, we are a victim, a slave to the moment.

Another path although bumpy offers the least resistance.  This path can offer learning, good to come out of the bad, and is embraced by moving forward one step at a time.

I am thankful for all of the choices I have been given, and the roads I have traveled.  While there has been difficulty along the way, there was always a light to help me navigate.

This journey of life involves difficulty, happiness, anger, hope, sadness, joy, death, life.   As we go through the valleys and up the hills, we have the power to choose and embrace what is.  As we take one step at a time there will always be a light to shine our way.     I believe this to my innermost core.

Today as I sit in this moment, I thank God so much for teaching me how to get up after I fall, how to let go of the fear and trust, how to move forward and to learn to love and trust myself inside out.    This is all a journey, a process, something that I struggle with – loving myself.  But bit by bit I am realizing how I love others is the same grace I need to show myself.

Thank-you Father for your grace you always show me in my day.   YOU are so powerful, and your love is never ending.

Luv Ness


How does your garden grow? (by Vanessa & Erica)

This post was done a little differently, me and this amazing young lady I know did a combo post.   I wrote one paragraph and she wrote another.    I hope you enjoy this post, because it provides a great perspective on the garden we grow in our minds.  How does your garden grow

There is a little voice inside of me.   At first she is a quiet talker, planting seeds hoping the garden will grow.     I water the seeds and then the seeds become plants.    The voice then becomes louder, and the plants become vines inside of me.   The voice is intertwined in my inner most soul.    I believe the words, they begin to define me, and I allow the voice to control my thoughts.

 My thoughts become consumed with negativity and I feel trapped and taken in by the vines and pricked by the thrones.  I continue to surrender my power to the voice inside me because I have been caring for this garden from the start. There is safety and comfort in the familiarity of this everyday routine.  The vines overwhelm the garden, and begin to cause overpopulation. My mind has been invaded and continued to believe the lies that are intertwined I am resistant to change for the fear of the unknown. There seems to be no way out.  Can I choose what flourishes in my garden and can I make a change?

We all have been in situations where we are overwhelmed and our thoughts consume us.  These thoughts also control us.  They affect our sense of self, the love we have for ourselves, and the outward interaction that occurs with others.   How do we grow a beautiful garden inside of our minds?   How do we cut the vines, and produce abundance in fruit and flowers? 

 The answer to this question lies deep in our heart, waiting to be unearthed. We simply must step back and look at the garden. Do we want the vines to resemble how we go about our lives? Or do we want something different? Life is made up of over thousands of moments and the only one that is for sure is NOW. So we can live in fear or we can take the first step to creating a love for ourselves and our garden by challenging those old thoughts and being grateful for each moment. 

What do you choose today?   Do you choose a garden of vines and thrones to suck out the beauty?  Or do you choose a garden full of color and abundance?

Take a breath, and breathe in all that you were meant to.  You are beautifully made.   Water the good and pull the weeds, you are the gardener.  Before you know it, flowers will bloom.

What’s Your Secret?

whats your secret

A secret – something that sits unseen deep within…

Something that manifest inside us….

Fearful of letting it out….

I will be judged….

Do you have a secret that you need to let go of?

The act of letting go is an instant release.     Our perceived fear holds us back from really experiencing all we are meant to be.  

I have a secret ~ I suffered from Depression as a teenager and was hospitalized as a result.   I had a nervous breakdown, and medication was used to stabilize a girl that felt empty inside.    

Looking back on that girl; I feel heartache for her.     She didn’t see how beautiful she was inside out.   She was chasing a dream.   She was allowing something or someone else to define who she was.   We look at climbing the corporate ladder, our education, or what people say about us, that next big house or sparkly car, or money to define who we are.     Then when one of these things falls apart, we are broken.   But we can be restored…. We need to realize that our secrets, our wealth, or external validation does not define who we are.  We believe the lies that we are not good enough.

Our secrets hold us back from living in the now.   Fear we can all see it and touch it.

The perceived Shame and The Secrets hold us back. Let go of the fear, and the secret that is holding you back.   Write it down on a piece of paper, share it with someone you love, or share it with me.   Let the secret go and if it requires forgiveness choose to forgive.

Living in the past and the perceived future holds us back from really enjoying the present.   Take a step forward and choose to live NOW.

Life is beautiful when we choose to be present in the here and now.

Lean Not on Your Own Understanding

image (4)Have you ever felt fear that rocks you to your core?   Have you felt the tremble when you may not know what happens next? Or your heart beats so fast because you are filled with worry?

I have been there so many times, and every time, I feel like I am being asked to Trust completely.     We all have a choice not to allow our minds to race down a path of anxiety and worry.   But sometimes if we have not nurtured ourselves, our bodies give into the fear.

For me, when this happens, prayer comes into play.   Something I don’t talk about often is that as a young teen I suffered from depression.   The depression at times enveloped me.   I believed the lies; I believed I wasn’t worthy or good enough.   I feared for what the future may bring. The “What if’s” consumed me.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

(Proverbs 3:5-6New International Version (NIV))

I find it hard at times to get off of the path of worry, but His voice reassures me.   I turn to prayer, to Him. In prayer and thanksgiving I present my requests to Him.   A friend hurting, someone ill, a sick child, a heart breaking, a love one lost, the list can go on. We create images in our minds of what this “what if” reality is.  

Lean not on your own understanding.

Here’s the thing we cannot control what happens, the one thing we can control is our response to the moments.   Sometimes the response we choose creates our reality.   The response can make all the difference between thriving and suffering.  

The fact is – God is in control.   Prayer is the most powerful thing that we can use in the moments when we feel like our mind is slipping out of control.    

All He asks is for us to Trust.  

Dear friend, lift up your worries today, and let them go.   Remember the only thing we can control is the response we choose, the rest is up to God.

Dear Lord God,

You know my needs, my worries and my wants.   I present my requests to you for safety and good health. I thank-you Lord for taking care of me and showing me the light in darkness.   Your yoke is easy.  I give my life to you, be my eyes to see what you want me to see, be my ears to hear what you want me to hear, let my mouth speak the words you want me to speak. I pray for your protection to surround our family, and the ones reading this today. I pray for this in Jesus Name Amen.

May you be blessed,


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