image1She glances out the window and realizes all of the time that has passed.    The reflection looking back at her, aged, the lines deepened and reveal the roads she has traveled.    Her thoughts of him come rushing in.

Kindness, a heart of gold, his children were the apple of his eye.   The way he loved and lived, always full of abundance and joy.    A tear begins to form in her eye, and trickles down her cheek.  She wonders why?   Seems so unfair how he was taken so quickly.

She glances at the clock, as the hands move tick tock, she realizes that each second is a choice.     Remembering the past and the precious moments shared trigger so many memories.   The reflection also triggers thoughts around how she chooses to live.   She wants to be immersed every second of every moment in the love for family and friends.    She wants to choose to live now, and not get caught up in the stuff that doesn’t matter.   She chooses love and joy.  To live now and to never take for granted a single second.

She bows her head and pauses to pray for the ones left behind.      Lord give them strength, wrap your arms around them, give them strength and help them heal from the inside out.   Guide them in all things and replace the sadness with joy.

She has been left behind a few times, but remembers the good memories and smiles.   Her heart is thankful that she experienced moments with the ones who rose above.    The moments gave her perspective, great joy, and memories that will always warm her heart.




A Man Who Loves So Much – My Dad


My dad…. Caring, loving, and gives his heart to every person he comes across.  He leads with his heart.    Over the years, as a family we have endured pain, but something always shines through – the love.

Family is everything…  That is what my dad has taught me.    My dad grew up with a single mom, he lost his father when he was 5 years old.  It is hard to imagine losing a father that young – the same age as my son Marcus.   Yet even though he went through this, he has become such an amazing father and granddaddy to his grandkids.


My dad loves with his heart and soul.  

Thankful for it too….   He has passed it onto me too.    We love people, we love meeting them, learning about them, and helping them.    Although there have been times in my life where I have crawled into my shell, the core of me was always there.    I am so thankful to see this characteristic in my dad, and thankful he has passed it down to me.

My dad does everything he can for his family/friends and never asks for anything in return.   Over these past two years we have had some storms really hit us….

But I am so very thankful for the storms because there is always a rainbow after the rain. 

The other day my dad saw this photo at the cabin:


There is no coincidence he witnessed it.  First of all, a rainbow signifies God’s promise to us – He will never flood the earth again…. But this picture, it has such significance to me.    A picture always has come into my mind over these past two years similar to this – a strong tree with a rainbow in the distance.  I have used this picture on the broken neck survivor support page on facebook, and then had a dear friend paint the picture for me in my house.

What it means to me is that although the storms of life come full force, God weathers the storm, He brings strength to the Tree (me and you) and there is always a rainbow after the rain.   There is always hope, love, and goodness to follow.   Always….

On this day, I truly believe God was saying to my dad “It will be ok son, goodness is going to come”.   It is no secret that my dear mother has had her struggle this past year – her large intestine being removed, almost losing her life after surgery, and having a ostomy, and just before the reconnection surgery finding out that she had breast cancer.   While it has been very difficult on her, there have been times where my dad has felt so helpless.   He internalizes – much like my brother, husband, and father in law…. Maybe it is a dad thing?  I don’t know.  But in those times, I know God was holding him, and helping me support him too.     So when dad saw this tree and rainbow the other day – I truly believe in my heart God was trying to reassure him.

Mom then  came outside to see and was completely amazed.  I asked her when she posted the photo on facebook – “what did you think of when you saw the rainbow and tree” and she said

“Dad saw it first, it’s beautiful,with promise for the future”.

Yes promise… for the future…. We don’t know exactly what that future holds but one thing is for sure – God is there and carrying us through.   He is reassuring us of that.

On fathers day this Sunday, I feel so very blessed.    I am so thankful for a dad that has always been there for me, supported me, saved me from myself, and was/is always my number one cheerleader.   I am sure that Jared feels exactly the same so I am saying this for both of us!

Here’s to you dad – We love you so much you fly high in the sky 🙂

My dad taught me how to live, love, fall and get back up.   He also taught me that it is ok to wear your heart on your sleeve, because chances are if you do, many will love you back in the same way. ~miss muffet