From Broken to Beautiful

She smiles as she glances at the ones she loves.  She has been so blessed with abundance in the love that surrounds her.   She reminds herself that there is so much greatness around her even though behind the smile she feels pain.    The pain is deep, numbness inside.   She so badly wants to heal from the hurt and realizes that it needs to begin within.

She is a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend.   She is strength, weakness, pain, joy and love.

Busy has always been her middle name.  The busy doesn’t let in peace.  She does for others and often overextends.  She loves how it feels to observe happiness in others from her actions.  But this happiness is short-lived, instant, and not long lasting.

She is broken but beautiful.   She realizes that healing comes from smoothing out the broken. This realization happens when stillness is forced.

We all have a story, a journey to overcome and come through.   Her story is no different and the joy will come from healing and letting go.  Forgiveness… to forgive within.  To love ones’ self fully.   Melding of brokenness and beautiful in harmony together.  She allows the metamorphosis to begin…