the girl in the tattered dress

a beautiful life ministry


Once there was a girl and the girl longed to be friend of the King. But the girl lived in a tavern on the edge of a village, far from the castle of the King. Not only did she live in the tavern, but she was a servant there, serving drunken men who leered at her, young boys who spat and laughed at her, and the occasional woman who looked down upon her with disgust. She spoke to no one and no one spoke to her, except to demand a job from her.

The girl’s face was always dirty, her nails were broken, her hair unwashed, and her dress tattered. Most days she knew she was broken, alone, unlovable, and worthless. But on the darkest of days she still felt, deep inside, that the King in his castle far up on the mountain was a good King. The knowledge that there was…

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