Happiness: 15 Things to Start Doing More

Really enjoyed this read by this young inspirational girl – guest post


  1. Drink more water and green tea: try to drink around 8 cups of water a day. Staying hydrated is so important for; healthy skin, brain function, good digestion and more! Green tea is great for detoxing your body and boosting metabolism.
  2. Go for a walk/run: perfect for distressing and boosting endorphins 🙂
  3. Read a book: improve your memory, knowledge, concentration and language abilities. Stuck for something to read? I recommend checking out the Good Reads website for relevant reading suggestions.
  4. Don’t compare yourself to others: How many times have we heard this one right? But it’s so important to remind yourself that you don’t need to be doing what everyone else is doing.
  5. Try yoga or mindfulness: Both of these have really helped me handle stress and improve my general happiness. I use the Calm app, which is great for guided meditation.
  6. Stop procrastinating! Yeah I know, this isn’t always…

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