Dear Vanessa ~ Fact or Fiction

#ourthoughts #fact #fiction #worry Do you worry and do your thoughts consume you a times? Pop by for a read #Godisincontrol

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Dear Vanessa,

I find many times I concentrate on the what ifs.  If something good happens to me, I automatically think there is a catch.   I know this sounds bad, but I can’t help myself.    Do you have any thoughts or advice that would help with coping?   I have prayed many times for help and for ease of my mind, but it is almost like it is ingrained.  

Sincerely ,

Worry Wart.

Dearest Worry Wart,

photoAs a young girl, I gravitated to a place of fiction, not fact.   What do I mean by that?   Much of my reactions were driven by my emotions.   Much of my feelings were internalized, and I allowed others insecurities or reactions define who I was.

The voices were my truth. The voices defined who I was.

I believe that everything happens for good, and I see the silver lining in my life now.   I am highly…

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