Dear Vanessa ~ What is your Secret?

Do you have something deep inside that you need to let go of ? Take a moment and a read #letitgo #secrets hurt.

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What is your secretDear Vanessa,

I have struggled many years with suffering from mental illness.   I have hidden it from friends, family members, and have masked the pain.   Recently, I revealed it to close friends while in small group.   I was afraid of the stigma, of people looking at me differently.   But this was a lie, my friends embraced me and share stories that they have struggled with.     This made me realize that I should share it with your readers, as it may help someone else.

Letting go of the fear,


Dearest Jenny,

Thank-you for your kind note, and the courage to let go of the fear. Secrets can hurt us.

A secret – something that sits unseen deep within…

Something that manifest inside us….

Fearful of letting it out….

There will be judgement….

Do you have a secret that you need to let go of?

The act of letting go has…

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