The antidote to worry

Guest post ~ worry

peace, don't worry, trust God,Here are the benefits of worrying:

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Yep, there are none.

And yet how often do we toss and turn all night because of worry?

How often do we create the worst of scenarios in our heads of what tomorrow might bring only to realize that it’s unlikely it will really come true?

How often do we waste endless hours of thoughts and energy fearing the unknown?

Unfortunately worry plagues us all to some extent in some way.

Worry is what takes a situation we are going through and exaggerates the potential negative outcomes.

Or sometimes it takes no situation at all and creates a hypothetical one out of nothing.

Worry is a big deal in our life because it’s not just a physical and mental issue.

It’s a spiritual one.

Because what worry does is it doubts God.

It doubts God’s sovereignty.

Because if God is…

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