Why do you try to be a good Christian?

Guest Post ~ Naomi Fata Why do you try to be a good Christian?

Naomi Fata

Many of us desire to follow God and live pleasing Him. Therefore we diligently invest in serving the church, tithing, daily devotions and so much more.

Ultimately what is the reason?

Is it because we are trying to gain His approval?

Or because we find inner satisfaction at achieving perfection in all areas of life?

All my life I had so diligently done the Christian things, partly because I was taught but also because deep inside I was trying to keep God’s approval and had a smug sort of satisfaction in my efforts to live the Christian life so well.

As I grew up all those years in the church I began to compute the disciplines of the Christian faith as rules that I should follow. Then I became as one living under the law rather than under grace. In striving to carry out the rules in my own strength…

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