Guest Post by Naomi Fata ~ Witnesses to what we have seen or heard

001As followers of Christ most of us want to show Him our love by serving Him. It is the desire of our hearts that others know Him.

At times I have found myself struggling to passionately share Him with others. I felt stiff or uncomfortable. And then I would feel guilty for my feelings, worried that I was letting my Savior down.

So I found myself asking what it is that hinders me.

At ladies Bible study last week the teacher made a point about witnesses….Think about a court of law. A witness on the stand testifies to what they have seen or heard. They cannot vouch for what someone else has seen or heard, but can only testify what they themselves have seen or heard.

What have you seen or heard of Christ?

As I heard her say that it was like a light went on. And I thought to myself, “this is it.” This is why for so long I struggled with my faith and probably why many others struggle as well – we have not seen or heard anything.

Faith is confined to what we read in the Bible, but somehow the God of the Bible who did all those miraculous works has not become a part of our lives. We need to see and hear for ourselves, as we see and hear our hearts overflow, we cannot help but talk about the goodness of God, and share with others about the amazing things He is doing in our lives. Our spiritual eyes and ears must be open to Him.

Often I believe Christ’s work in our lives comes as a revelation to our heart.  It could be in a case like Vanessa how through an accident she has encountered God’s great mercy. For myself, I have seen the hand of God so many times, like His impeccable timing when we purchased our home, the rather miraculous way He has brought a father figure into my life, the provision of finances anytime there is a need….the list goes on. As I reflect on His work I believe the most profound is the fellowship that I have found with the Living God. Think of all the people who long to have the joy and peace He offers.

Do you see Him at work? Do you know His touch?

People who don’t know Him are interested in what He has done in our lives. Our testimony of Him cannot be a stiff half-hearted sermon telling them that God is good. They want to hear fervency in our words, a belief in Him that comes from the heart.

Lord, Make me a witness of the amazing work that You do in my life, that I might testify of the power of God, and marvel at Your love. Open my eyes and ears to see Your work. Amen

Feel free to share. What can you bear witness about God’ work? What has He given you to testify about?

Thanks for reading. May you be blessed.


By Naomi Fata


One thought on “Guest Post by Naomi Fata ~ Witnesses to what we have seen or heard

  1. Amen! There should be so many stories of what Jesus has done in our lives that the world is not big enough to contain them. Let us tell them all,for …. we serve a great God!

    “Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.” (John 21:25 NIV)

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