Living in the Present


This weekend in Canada it is Thanksgiving.   A time to give thanks for the abundance in our lives.    For me, it is a time of reflection, and being more aware of how fast our time passes in this life.    Sometimes we get drawn into the voices that tell us, life feels difficult, life can be hard… Yes this is true, sometimes it can be that way.  But you have the power to choose and focus on the things that make you smile.  This is the only thing we have the power to do –  to choose our response/focus.

May you be blessed, and may you see abundance in your life.   My thankfuls for today are having abundance in love in my life, and seeing the love in every moment, this is what I am choosing to embrace.

~ Ness

Time does not Wait…

by Vanessa Chesters

Her wish for them is they will live out their dreams, And that they dream big.

That their lives are not filled with “Things”…

That they embrace everything that life brings.

That they soar through life and learn to spread their wings.

Time does not wait…

She sits in her chair and reminisces of time that has since passed,

She can’t go back and wishes that those moments would last…

Life is so very short and oh so sweet. There are so many great memories.

Time does not wait…

She has to hold back, she wants them to reach for the sky…

She prays that they will have faith and the courage to soar and fly.

It is never to late.

Remember…Time does not wait…

The sun shines on her face.

Love and laughter surround her.

She needs to remove herself from the race,

And quickly change the moments that are within her embrace.

Time does not wait…

Tempted once again by riches or “things”,

She turns her focus inward anticipating what life brings.

She wakes up and believes,

Life is happening as it was meant to be.

She has everything she needs.

Time does not wait…

Through the years she has watched them grow,

She has loved them more than they will ever know.

She hopes in some small way,

She has passed on the lessons she learned throughout her days.

She knows oh too well that time does not wait…


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