dear vanessa ~ choose to trust

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august choose to trust

Dear Vanessa,

I have been ill for some time and I feel exhausted.  I am trying to keep my spirits up but it is next to impossible.  The doctors do not seem to provide a clear understanding on how long it will be until I am normal again.

Frustrated and in pain,


Dearest Ella,

I understand the frustration with the unknown.

Many have experienced moments in their lives where they have felt helpless or wished for a miracle.  We want things to revert back to the normal instantly.

It is funny how life works…  I believe that life happens, we get wrapped up in the business, the events, and the accumulation of “stuff” and then all of a sudden something happens in which we have no control.   It could be health, loss of a job, money issues, or uncertainty of tomorrow.

God does not cause these things to happen…

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We are here today, gone tomorrow

our days are numbered

Over the past year I have seen a man fight for his life who has only had two years to see his child smile, I have seen a little boy the same age as mine fight for his life, and one lose his life.   These moments are tough for all of us, losing someone in our lives can be difficult and seems so unfair. These moments rock me to the core.   I just want to take all of the pain away, but that is not my job. Lean not on your own understanding. That is the voice that keeps coming to mind. My understanding does not see the full picture or plan, and sometimes miracles happen and other times this is all part a plan that we will only understand when we leave this world.  

I had moments where I did not understand the plan until much later and perhaps more is to come.  

When I fractured my neck, laying in a bed with my dad, brother and husband around me with a priest praying that I will be able to walk and to see my children again.   Three years later I am walking, and have a new normal and have a perspective that I am so thankful for.

Or the moment when I laid my head on my grandfather’s chest and heard his last heartbeat.  Letting go was difficult, but when one life passed another was given (the next day I found out I was pregnant with our second son).

Seeing my mother in pain, and wondering what was next.  Prayer, thanksgiving and petition make the difference.

But I will tell you something, these moments although frightening, and fear of the unknown rose up in my soul, I chose to lift up my worries and pray.   God is in control and I am so thankful for God showing me a different perspective in the pain.     All things in this life are for good. Sometimes it is hard to believe or difficult to see when your eyes are blurred by what is right in front of you.

The lovely web of life teaches us as we experience the moments that take our breath away.   We adjust and change the lens we look through, and we begin to ponder more about life and the moments.    

Life is short, and our time is numbered.   The bible clearly lays this out, and it also helps direct us on where we choose to focus our time and energy.  

Many times I hear people say “when I am retired I plan to travel”, or “when things are less busy we will get together”, or “things will get easier once we are past this stage in our lives”.

Looking ahead and saying” I will when….” “When” may never come. We are here today and gone tomorrow.

We need to focus on the now, make the most of our time here.   This means, living for today, surrounding yourself with love, removing the negativity, and making a choice for the good. And yes there are days when the waves seem to be crashing over us; during these times you can choose focus on what is important. Love and spreading it everywhere.

You have a choice. Where do you choose to focus your time?   Heaven can be on earth… Let go of the fear and live for today.

Be blessed my friend,


dear vanessa ~ Changes in Life

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August dear vanessa changes in life

Dear Vanessa,

Over the past few years I have experienced some losses that have triggered introspection.    I have seen the face of God many times during these events and have come to realize that how we live makes all the difference.    But while going through this journey I have noticed that many relationships have changed.    This has been difficult for me, because many have been with me for most of my life.    At times I am confused and wonder if I am making the right decisions, am I headed in the right direction? How can I be sure?

Feeling confused,


Dearest Peggy,

Yes, as we experience changes in our life, these changes reveal to us what we require in order to feel full.   I do believe that this is part of God’s master plan.   Everything is created for His good.  Your question about heading in the right direction… That…

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a realm of influence

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august realm of influence

“I don’t think there is anything special about me”, she said. “What could God possibly use from my life that would ever make any difference?”

The questions resonated with me, for I had often thought the same thing. Why would anyone want to know about my struggles, my failures or my life experiences? How could they ever make a difference? We are instructed by Jesus to reach out and touch those within our realm of influence; those we encounter daily. Whether it is someone we see all the time at our jobs for instance, or someone we meet in aisle 4 at the grocery store. We all have stories that can heal through God’s love and work in our life.

In the book of Acts, Paul tells others about his conversion experience; his testimony. This life experience of Paul’s not only puts at ease those who had come to fear…

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dear vanessa ~ Rainbow after the Rain


Dear Vanessa ~ rainbow after the rain #hope #faith #love

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july rainbow vanessa

Dear Vanessa,

Is there a rainbow after the rain?  The storms come but do they pass?  Where is the sunshine today?


This week, I wanted to post a musing on the storms in this life.  I want to thank-you readers for coming back to these posts and thank God for his never ending love. 


I feel so blessed.

Yes there have been moments that have taken my breath away, there have been moments where life stood still, and moments where love filled me full.  

Yes I feel blessed, blessed to feel it all.

Blessed to be in the rainstorm and to feel the drops upon my face.   The drops trickle slowly down my face.

Blessed to hear the first cries that enter the world, as my heart skips a beat I watch the love overflow the room.

Blessed to breathe in the air, and to be alive.


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A lesson from Lot’s wife

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letting go, let go, lots wife, moving onShe had a purpose and she had a destiny.

To start over fresh with her family in a new land with God.

To be a mother and a wife.

But she threw it all away with one single glance.

One glance behind her into the past.

And because of that one glance her plans were shattered, her future was gone, and she became a pillar of salt.

The story of Lot’s wife is dramatic to be sure.

It seems unreal and out of the world.

But the truth is there are many people who have become just like her, maybe not physically, but mentally and spiritually.

People who have a purpose and a destiny that God call them to fulfill.

People with ambitions, hopes, and dreams.

People who, like Lot’s wife throw it all away by doing exactly what she did: look back.

Sure, unlike her their hearts might still…

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I choose to TRUST and LET IT GO

Rainbow after the rain

Have there been moments in your life where you have felt helpless?   Or where you were wishing for a miracle?

Many have experienced moments in their lives where they have felt helpless or wished for a miracle.  We want things to revert back to the normal instantly. 

It is funny how life works…  I believe that life happens, we get wrapped up in the business, the events, and the accumulation of “stuff” and then all of a sudden something happens in which we have no control.   It could be health, loss of a job, money issues, or uncertainty of tomorrow.  

God does not cause these things to happen, but allows for life to happen.   Like most parents, we can give the information to our children, but the decisions they make are all up to them.    We are not in control of the choices they make; all we can do is stand by, offer guidance and support to help them through.      But the amazing thing about God is that his guidance is beyond comprehension.  He is a miracle worker.   

Sometimes though, there is something we need to learn before life can change.  The learning is for our own good.

It wasn’t long ago that I fractured my neck; C1 burst fracture that only 50% survive an injury and of that 50% a small percentage of people are able to function normally.  During that time in my life, He showed me that Trusting in Him makes all the difference.

“She had heard the reports about Jesus and came up behind him in the crowd and touched his garment. For she said, “If I touch even his garments, I will be made well.” And immediately the flow of blood dried up, and she felt in her body that she was healed of her disease.”  (Mark 5:27-29, ESV)

How we choose to respond to these situations in our lives makes all the difference.  I truly believe that the power of choice can create all the difference. 

I also believe that doctors do not know it all.   They hypothesize based on past practice or conclusions are drawn based on what is the “norm”. 

Let me ask you this… Have you seen things happen in your life that do not follow the “norm”?

Have events happened beyond all comprehension?  Or do you have to see in order to know that all things with God are perfect, and full of wonder?

He is a miracle worker.  All He asks is that we come to Him, Trust in Him completely (Let it Go to God), and let Him lead.  

This is hard for us to do at times as so much we would like to control what is happening.

The one thing that all of us have the power to do – is control our response.

Do you believe in miracles my friend?  Do you believe that He can help you navigate through the uncertainty?

Take a step out in faith and Trust.  Pray, and lift up your worries to Him.

I can tell you from first hand, Miracles do happen, I am one of them.

 Do you have any suggestions for our readers of a time where you stepped out in faith?  What happened?  How did you feel?  Sharing has ripple effects.


~Luv Ness